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Why promote business with seedbacklink?

The experience that forged us and made us decide to build this platform to provide access to entrepreneurs and marketers throughout Indonesia to be able to promote websites or businesses in the online world through publishers.


Custom content

With our platform, you can communicate with publishers and customize content for your product or business promotion needs. Once you send the brief details, the publisher will work on its own.


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By regularly making transactions and targeting the right pages on your website, your website pages will be read by many people. They will certainly be able to dominate the search engine search pages.


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With more and more users entering your website, the opportunity for increased sales is wide open.

Why seedbacklink

Buying and selling backlinks onseedbacklink

There are three reasons why you should choose feedback link as a medium to promote your product on the internet as well as a backlink to increase your website traffic.

With good partnerships with media and bloggers, we offer very competitive prices and the best among other marketplaces.

With years of experience, our behind-the-scenes team will go the extra mile to fulfill all your promotional needs.

With a wide reach and network, you will find a vast selection of media and blogs from all over Indonesia, It is an easy process and fast so you can focus on your business without the headache of time-consuming manual contact.

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