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Tool to Check Website Traffic for Free

If you already have a website and blog, you must know how much traffic your website has. Now by using the website traffic checker from seedbacklink, you can see website traffic data that will be displayed in table format with this month’s data!

This tool is free and can be used by anyone. It is difficult to know the traffic of other websites because we do not have access to Google Analytics or other internal tools directly. With this tool, you can easily see other websites’ traffic for free. You can even do it in bulk by entering the domain address of another website and typing enter to enter another website address.

This tool doesn’t give you traffic, but it can clearly see how other websites’ traffic is performing. With that, we can know how the next content plan will start. Without having to subscribe to tools like Ahrefs, Similarweb and Semrush, you can see other websites’ traffic and many other metrics.

How to use this website traffic checker tool?

  1. Prepare the addresses of the websites you want to check the traffic data for. One bulk use of this tool is for 10 websites at once
  2. Copy and paste the website address that has been prepared
  3. Click Get Traffic
  4. The traffic check results will appear in the data table below the website input box.
  5. There will be data on bounce rate, page per visit, visit and time on site data.

Explanation of data features in the website traffic checker tool

  • Visit: Calculate estimated website visits when users access your website in a count of multiple visits.
  • Bounce rate: Calculation of the estimated division of each page from the total visits during a certain period of time. Bounce rate data is percentage data.
  • Page per visit: Calculate estimated average user visits per page on your website.
  • Time on site: Estimated calculation of how long users visit your website.

The data we display in this website checker tool is data that we adapt from similarweb.

How can this tool help your website grow?

This is a free tool that can be used by anyone to check traffic on anyone’s website. With this website traffic checker tool, you can do the following important things:

  • Check the website traffic that we have this month
  • Checking the traffic of our competitors’ websites and how much traffic they get this month
  • Knowing the estimated bounce rate at what percentage for our website and our competitors’ websites is important to do because the bounce rate is a signal of how important our website information is in the eyes of our users and customers. The smaller the bounce rate, the more likely our website content is preferred by users than a large bounce rate.


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