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Check Website DA, PA and Spam Score Metrics

This is a checker tool to help website owners see their websites’ scores. DA stands for Domain Authority, a 1-100 scale number issued by MOZ.COM. 

What does each metric mean?

The one who makes the scoring of DA, PA and spam score is MOZ.COM. Moz itself is a company in the United States that was established specifically to create measurement tools that predict how a website has the possibility of ranking on search engines.
These measurements are made to work as closely as possible with algorithms similar to search engines so that they can make predictions more accurate.
  • DA stands for Domain Authority. DA has a numerical output with a scale from 1 – 100. The lower the number, the less competitive your domain is. The higher the number, the more likely it is that your website can compete easily for the topic your website covers.
  • Spam Score also abbreviated as SS or MOZ SS, is a number with a percentage output from 1 – 100%. This number predicts how your website can get banned by search engines. Banning will cause your web page to disappear from searches. Figures of 1-30% are considered safe limits. But above that, it is necessary to conduct further website audits related to your website content or backlinks.

How to use the DA, PA, Spam Score checker tool

  1. Prepare the addresses of the websites you want to check the metrics data for. One time bulk use of this tool is for 10 websites at once
  2. Copy and paste the website address that has been prepared
  3. Click Get Data
  4. The metric check result will appear in the data table below the website input box.
  5. There will be DA, PA and spam score data

Important: Misunderstanding DA

DA is just a metric number that Google does not issue. Predicted DA numbers cannot be a benchmark for whether a website can actually compete easily. 

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