Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Tools

Check Instagram Engagement Rate (ER) Easily Here

Instagram ER rate or often known as Instagram engagement rate is a common and important metric used to measure how well the audience interacts with our content on Instagram. This metric is used to show how effective your content is in attracting attention and encouraging interaction from your followers.;

Some Key Functions of Instagram Engagement Rate KOL

  • Knowing the average interaction of followers on our Instagram account. There are metrics of average likes, average comments to average to number of followers which can outline follower interaction with your account.
  • Follower Insight is a metric that has an output of an estimated percentage of how many active followers are following your account.
  • User demographics is a gender metric with a percentage output of how many male and female followers follow your Account. Includes age metrics that range from 18 to 30 years old.

How to use the instagram engangement rate tool

  1. Prepare the Instagram username you want to check
  2. Copy and paste the instagram username that has been prepared
  3. Click Get Data
  4. The metric check result will appear in the data table below the website input box.
  5. There will be metric data that will be displayed as explained above
  6. The data displayed is NRT (Near Real Time) data, for some accounts it may take 10-15 minutes to get the full data.



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