seedbacklink Community Guidelines (Bloggers Only)

seedbacklink Community Guidelines (Bloggers Only)

We are pleased to introduce new community rules on seedbacklink. As a platform that facilitates various promotional needs, we want to ensure that the community remains a safe, trusted, and productive place for all its users. As such, we would like to introduce some new rules aimed at helping maintain civility, safety, and quality interactions within the community.

These rules ask that all community members maintain business ethics, use polite language, and abide by the rules and policies set forth by seedbacklink. We also provide some additional transaction rules that can help prevent fraud and financial loss within the community.

These rules are expected to strengthen the culture of cooperation and mutual respect among members of the seedbacklink community. We hope that, by adhering to these rules, every user can get the most out of using seedbacklink and have a positive and rewarding experience within the community.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to the support and participation of all users in maintaining the security, quality, and productivity of the seedbacklink community.



  1. This community is only for Bloggers (Publishers) not Advertisers.
  2. Promoting products or services in the community is prohibited, except in the context of activities or events organized by Seedbacklink.
  3. Please maintain polite and respectful language in all forms of communication within the community. No harsh words, harassment, or discrimination.
  4. Spamming or sending messages that are irrelevant or unrelated to the topics discussed in the community is prohibited.
  5. It is not allowed to share or download content that violates copyright or harms others.
  6. Soliciting or offering unauthorized or illegal services or products within the community is not allowed.
  7. Please keep personal data and confidential information of other community members confidential (confidential only).
  8. Please adhere to business ethics and refrain from actions that harm other community members.
  9. Any violation of the above rules and policies may result in appropriate action, including removal from the seedbacklink community group.
  10. Do not buy, sell, or transfer money directly through personal WhatsApp. Do not send personal data or confidential information related to transactions via personal WhatsApp.
  11. It is recommended and emphasized that all content placement purchase transactions use official payment platforms or applications that are trusted and integrated with seedbacklink.
  12. All risks and losses incurred as a result of transactions outside of seedbacklink are the responsibility of each community member and not seedbacklink.

Hopefully, with the addition of the above rules, members of the seedbacklink community can make transactions more safely and reliably. This rule is expected not to violate the Republic of Indonesia Laws and Regulations and applicable regulations.


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