Terms of Service

PT Global Digital Seedbacklink (hereinafter referred to as “seedbacklink”) is a company whose business is engaged in web portal services. seedbacklink in this case provides a platform for buying and selling publications by advertisers to selected websites directly selected by advertisers who have been approved for listing by the seedbacklink team.

seedbacklink is a aggregator for brands and SMEs to get more exposure on the internet. Through Seedbackink, you can get brand reviews, product reviews, events, and backlinks through our marketplace platform.

  • Media is an intermediary or introductory tool that channels messages or information from the source to the recipient. The media has the authority to convey something to the public.
    • seedbacklink does not have access to media platforms that are listed on seedbacklink. Determination of product posts, product/service reviews, and any information posts will then be determined directly by the media to be placed in which channel or category.
    • Media orders on seedbacklink will be published on the appropriate media, there will be differences in domain names if the selected media has a separate subdomain from the main domain name, and this is a very common thing and advertisers are expected to check the sample work first before placing an order.
  • Blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. Bloggers usually write on several niches or specific themes, depending on his/her passion.
  • Brand is a corporate brand for companies to market themselves as to provide an edge against their competitive market. Brands will make a series of important decisions to achieve this, such as pricing, mission, target market and values.
  • SME is a small and medium-sized enterprise whose number of personnel and income are below a certain limit.

The above and below are the employment agreements that buyers and sellers must agree to before registering on the website. The matters below govern the relationship between as a platform and buyers, bloggers and media as users.

Publisher Policy

Platform Fee Policy
For every successful transaction made through seedbacklink, we will charge a platform fee of 25% of the total payment received by the blogger. This fee covers:

  • Access to a global marketplace for bloggers/media to display and sell backlinks.
  • Safe and secure payment protection, ensuring bloggers receive timely payments.
  • Customer support and mediation services to resolve disputes between bloggers and buyers.
  • Continuous development of the seedbacklink platform to offer the best features and services.
  • Platform maintenance & marketing costs in the process of selling brand reviews, product reviews, events, and backlinks through our marketplace platform.

Bloggers are responsible for setting their own backlink selling price. We recommend that the price set reflects the quality and value of the backlink offered, as well as taking into account the 25% platform fee.

Price Change
Bloggers who wish to make price changes to one or more of the blogs/media offered on seedbacklink are required to pay an administration fee of Rp20,000 for each price change activity. This fee will be automatically deducted from the blogger’s account balance on seedbacklink upon activating the price change premium feature.

The publisher must access the ‘Edit price’ feature on the seedbacklink dashboard and follow the instructions provided. Before the submission is made, the blogger will display an administration fee and must be approved before the change can be processed. Price changes are automatic and realtime.

Service Delivery Policy

Before delivery of the job, the buyer is required to top up the funds in the Deposit menu. After topping up the funds the buyer can make a purchase.

Purchase of brand review, product review, event, and backlinkat found inside the platform homepage.backlink

After the purchase is made then the seller services brand review, product review, event, and  backlinkat may accept or decline orders. Maximum order acceptance is done 3×24 hoursIf exceeds the limit then the order is canceled by the system.

After selling brand review, product review, event,and backlinkon receiving an order, the seller is obliged to send proof of work in the form of a link to the results of the work at a maximum of 3×24 hours

  • If the buyer refuses, then the seller must revise the work according to the direction obtained by the buyer based on the results of the work that has been displayed.
  • If the buyer accepts, the balance will be forwarded to the seller and the seller’s balance will be automatically increased by the system;
  • Make sure buyers see samples before making a purchase.

Service Delivery Policy (Special Rules)

seedbacklink is a platform that abides by the rules wherever seedbacklink operates. This commitment will be reflected in the platform’s service which strictly rejects any form of publication by advertisers and website registration by publishers that are affiliated or connected or covert or intentionally tiered with an online gambling industry or any other illegal industry in any form.

With the legal umbrella of the Indonesian ITE Law Article 27 paragraph 2 jo.  Article 45 paragraph 2, the seedbacklink platform will cancel without further notice, as well as not refunding the parties involved, and the accounts involved can/will be banned forever.

Blocking Policy 

With the legal umbrella of Indonesia’s ITE Law Article 27 paragraph 2 jo. Article 45 paragraph 2,  seedbacklink platform will cancel without further notice, the account involved can/will be banned forever, as part of our commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of the seedbacklink platform, we will take strict action against accounts that are proven to violate our Terms of Service (ToS), as well as applicable legal regulations, especially those relating to the Electronic Information and Transaction Technology Law. 

Some of the key violations that we will monitor and follow up on include, but are not limited to, online gambling activities, dissemination of illegal content, and fraudulent acts. Our actions will include: 

1. Permanent Blocking: Accounts found to be in violation of the rules will be temporarily blocked for further investigation or permanently if the violation is severe and proven. 

2. Notification: Affected accounts will receive a notification of the reason for the block and steps that can be taken to appeal by way of KYC verification via the following form .

3. Transparency: We are committed to transparency and will provide sufficient information about the reasons for blocking. We urge all users to comply with the ToS and applicable regulations at all times.

Fund Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals can be made in the cash withdrawal feature according to the available balance on the seller.Withdrawal requests will be processed on the 5th & 25th of each month (except holidays / weekends will be processed on the previous business day). Withdrawals will take a maximum of 3×24 hours. 

Withdrawal requests will be closed before 11:00 a.m. GMT, past the specified time will be processed on the next date. only sends funds to the bank account that has been registered in the menu bank account on only sends funds to the bank account that has been registered in the bank account menu at

Make sure you read this because we put this page on the register page, if you have checked it then we consider you will comply with the policy on seedbacklink:  

P Refunds cannot be made if the order or transaction is indicated / identified as promoting illegal businesses that are prohibited in Indonesia, this is done because the refund will be an illegal transaction between the seedbacklink bank account and the advertiser because seedbacklink is incorporated and directly supervised by the government. 

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